A young couple are busy loading the Large Box that is waiting at their door

How does Box@Home work?

The ideal external storage space in four steps!
You log in to our website and choose the Box you want. We then deliver your Box to your home. You fill it ... and we come and collect it to keep in our secure storage space.
Do you need something from your Box or want to put something else in? Then drop in on us or ask us to return the Box to you.
A young couple are sitting on the sofa with a tablet and ordering their storage space online at Box@Home

1. Order

A young couple watch happily as the Box@Home driver positions their Large Box in front of their door.

2. Delivery

A Box@Home storage space with employees at work in it

3. Store

A truck full of Box@Home storage boxes is driven away from a customer’s home

4. Return

Our most popular Boxes

We have the ideal Box for every storage challenge. Not sure which is the best Box for your things? Use our volume calculator when working out the price or contact us for advice.

from € 13.78
per month

Small Box - 1m³

Up to 3 m² of living space

Up to 12 cardboard removal boxes

from € 61.86
per month

Medium Box - 5m³

Up to 16 m² of living space

Up to 64 cardboard removal boxes

from € 169.13
per month

XL Box - 16m³

Up to 53 m² of living space

Up to 230 cardboard removal boxes

from € 283.38
per month

3XL Box - 33m³

Up to 110 m² of living space

Up to 476 cardboard removal boxes

A young couple fill their Small Box together.

Optimal use of volume

Thanks to our simulator with its volume calculator and our personal advice, you’ll get the Box that’s perfect for your situation. That way you’ll make optimal use of your external storage space and only pay for the volume you really need.

A Large Box is delivered to a home by forklift and another Box is delivered on a trailer.

Home delivery

Box@Home brings your Box to you. Just load it up ... and you’re done! Simple, right? Is your location relatively difficult to reach? No problem. We can park almost anywhere with our trailer.

A young couple are sitting on the sofa with a tablet and ordering their storage space online at Box@Home

The partner that helps you find a solution

As a specialist in customised external storage space, we like to think things through with you. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and look for the perfect solution for your situation.

A Box@Home storage space with icons emphasising safety and good storage conditions

Secure storage

Your belongings are one hundred percent secure with Box@Home. We’ll keep your Box cool, dry and protected against vermin in a secure storage space with a controlled climate. We monitor our spaces 24/7.

Customer experiences

Satisfied customers, that’s our whole purpose! Curious about what our customers have to say about Box@Home? Read on.

More customers’ reviews

Ik kan Box@Home alleen maar bedanken voor het amazing service! Met speciale dank aan Alain, die super sympathiek was en mijn verhuis zorgenvrij en smooth liet verlopen! Hij verdient definitief een promotion!

Rafael Zago Baltazar

Ondanks het feit dat de container op een moeilijk bereikbare locatie moest geplaatst worden, was dit geen enkel probleem voor de chauffeurs en hebben ze dit voortreffelijk volbracht. Uitermate vriendelijk, professioneel en behulpzaam.

Mario Truyens