A young couple are busy loading the Large Box that is waiting at their door
A young couple are sitting on the sofa with a tablet and ordering their storage space online at Box@Home


Visit our website, log in and reserve the Box of your choice without obligation or payment. Not sure which Box you need? You can easily work out your requirements with the volume calculator that you’ll find in our price simulator. Would you rather receive some personal advice in connection with your reservation or volume calculation? Do get in touch. We’re here for you.

A young couple watch happily as the Box@Home driver positions their Large Box in front of their door.


Once you’ve ordered your Box, we’ll fix a time to deliver it to the address of your choice. Pack up your things and fill your Box. We’ll happily provide extra cardboard boxes or protective materials if you need them Are you ready? Then we’ll come to pick up your Box for temporary storage in our secure storage space.

A Box@Home storage space with employees at work in it


We keep your Box in a specially developed, climate-controlled, secure storage facility. Your things will be safe there from risks such as theft, fire, water damage or pest damage. In addition, our storage facility is monitored 24/7, so that any potential problem is quickly spotted.

A truck full of Box@Home storage boxes is driven away from a customer’s home


Do you need one of your things or do you want to put something extra in your Box? That’s very easily done at any time. Simply arrange a time to visit us, or ask us to bring the Box back to you. So even if you opt for the comfort of a temporary external storage space with Box@Home, your belongings remain easily available.