A garden is a place of delight. Your children can romp in it to their heart’s content, while you lovingly tend your plants and lawn or grow your own vegetables. But in the autumn not much grows in your garden and there’s little call for green fingers and garden tools.

Patience, equipment and a plan

Maintaining a garden properly requires a plan of action, lots of patience and even more tools. But most of us don’t have limitless space to store those tools. At best, you may have a large shed you can use as storage space,

Big is still too small

but no matter how big that shed is, it’s always too small. You only need your garden furniture, tools and other materials for a few months a year; the rest of the time they take up valuable space in your shed. Because you’d like to be able to put things there that you use more frequently, such as bikes, outdoor toys for the kids or hobby-related gear that your partner definitely doesn’t want in the house.

What if …

… you had a mobile shed to store your garden tools, materials and furniture in? Or better still, a mobile shed that doesn’t require a spot in your garden – because that means less space too – but is at an external location? Box@Home can be that mobile shed for you!

Adapted to every storage requirement

We have the right Box for every storage requirement. Whether you need a 1m³ Box to store your hand tools or a 24m³ Container Box to store your lawnmower and garden furniture, we’ll provide you with the perfect mobile shed

Always within easy reach

Follow these five simple steps and choose your own external mobile shed:

  1. On our website, select the Box that you want.
  2. Let us know when you need the Box.
  3. Fill your Box with your gardening things.
  4. Let us know when we can come and pick up the Box for storage in our secure facility.
  5. Get in touch if you need anything from your Box. We will deliver the Box to your door.

Not just for garden tools and furniture

Box@Home specialises in flexible storage. We have a suitable solution for every storage challenge. You can count on us for the storage of your belongings if you:

Are you interested in having your own mobile shed for the storage of your garden tools, materials and/or furniture? Or do you want to know more about our options for flexible storage? Then go ahead and contact us!