A Small Box standing outside with a Medium Box in the background

Life brings many changes – fortunately! You take another step forward each day, and your needs evolve accordingly. Suppose you decide to downsize at a certain point in your life. You will soon realise at that point that you have far too much stuff. This naturally raises the question: what should you do with it? You can give or throw away all your superfluous items, but of course that’s not always the best solution. So perhaps you should store them somewhere? Good idea – but what are the best storage options for your needs? You should certainly not simply store your belongings with the first service provider you come across: look for a storage partner that offers quality and service. When is storage necessary? We list of a number of circumstances in which you might wish to do so.

When do you need storage for your belongings?

  • You are getting older and have decided to downsize.
  • Your hobby-related gear is taking up too much space.
  • Your relationship is coming to an end and you have to divide up your belongings ...
  • You are going abroad for a year and are looking for temporary storage for your belongings.
  • There are certain items you only use at a certain time of year, after which they just get in the way.
  • You decide to completely renovate your home. In the meantime, you are looking for a safe place to put your furniture.

Whatever the reason, you sometimes need extra space to store your belongings safely for a while. Why not use Box@Home? It offers the best storage options for every possible need.

Briefly, how does Box@Home work?

Box@Home brings extra storage space to you. Yes, you read that correctly: you don’t have to go anywhere yourself. We bring one or more Boxes of varying sizes to your home. You work out the required volume yourself using our user-friendly and practical online calculator. You fill the Box or Boxes you have ordered. We take them away and keep them securely in one of our three warehouses for as long as necessary.

You get to choose the best storage options for your needs

In fact, you decide what those needs are. Do you want a large Box or something smaller? The choice is yours. It’s simple, flexible and affordable, because with us you never pay for more than you need. You determine the size of the Box you need and you only pay for that volume. In other words, you only pay for the space occupied by your storage box or boxes. You can sleep soundly, because your precious stuff is being safely stored: Box@Home is taking care of it. Do you need more information about the way we work? Feel free to ask questions any time.