A mannequin in a shop window

Do you have a shop? Quite possibly, the rent you pay for it is calculated per square metre. Depending on your location, it may be exorbitant. Obviously you would like to display all your products, but you can’t because there are simply too many. You therefore put the surplus in a separate extra room, invisible to the customers. Unfortunately, you have to pay top dollar for that space too. How do you make optimal use of your retail space?

How do you make optimal use of your retail space?

You have boxes full of leaflets and brochures that you’ve created to hand out when you are at a trade fair. Unfortunately, the fair only lasts three days. For the rest of the year, the boxes are lonely, abandoned and unused. You keep your leaflets for the 362 remaining days in a separate room in your shop, but you have to pay a hefty sum for that space too. The same goes for the stock of seasonal products you have in a back room. You put them out on display during one season and put them away during the other three seasons. What a waste of space and money!

Box@Home offers the solution

Put all your surplus materials, products and merchandise in Boxes from Box@Home which can go into temporary safe storage in one of three secure Box@Home warehouses. The prices for doing so are very reasonable, because you only pay for the space that you actually use, not for a full garage in a warehouse. Do you need your things? Simply arrange to get them back. Box@Home can return your Boxes to you for a small extra charge, or you can always pick up your Box or Boxes yourself from the warehouse, in which case it’s completely free of course. Have we answered your question ‘How do you make optimal use of your retail space?’ Do you have any other questions about how Box@Home works?