A room being used as storage space

For parents travelling with their children it’s: ‘Is it far now?’ For secondary teachers it’s: ‘Do we really have to know that?’ And for Box@Home it’s: ‘How much storage space do I need?’ Guessed what we’re talking about by now? That’s right, the most frequently asked question!

People and their ‘stuff’

People accumulate a lot of stuff in the course of their lives. A lot of these things are only needed at certain times of the year or during specific times in our lives – stuff such as garden furniture, skiing gear, baby things, study books or surfboards, for example. And then there are other things – such as cupboards, sideboards, tables, paintings or that ugly but very comfortable sofa that your partner detests – that you want to give a prominent place in your home every so often.

The perfect storage solution

Given that you don’t live in the Taj Mahal or the palace at Versailles and therefore don’t have an endless number of rooms, it’s very convenient to be able to store these things externally. Which means that Box@Home is your partner! Because we have the perfect solution for every storage need – so you can be sure of simple, flexible, secure and inexpensive storage for your belongings.

The ideal storage space in a few clicks

The first question you naturally ask yourself when you see all the things you want to keep is: ‘How much storage space do I need?’ At that point, you can do one of two things. You can get to work measuring everything accurately with your tape measure, and roughly calculate the storage space you will need. Or you can use our online calculator. This will tell you in a few clicks how much storage space you need and which Box is ideal. Super easy!

A clear price simulation

When you know how much storage space you need, that brings you to the second question: ‘How much will it cost?’ And our online simulator will give you the answer to that. Enter your postcode and the Box you want to order… and you’ll immediately see how much you’ll have to pay for your Box. Now all you have to do is register or log in, and you can order your Box!

Up to 24 cubic metres

We will deliver the Box to your door. If you wish, we can also help you fill it. Our specialists use 100% of the storage space. A Box from Box@Home can have a storage volume of up to 24 cubic metres.

Got your things in the Box? Then we’ll take it to our secure storage facility where it will be kept in optimal conditions. You can access your things at any time. Do you need something from your Box? Then we can deliver it to your home or you can drop by.

For every application

Box@Home is your complete partner. We can help you with the storage of your things if you:

Would you like to know more about our solutions? Or do you want to rent a Box/storage space? Then go ahead and contact us!