Several stacks of paper records in an office space

What’s the best way to store an archive? What are you actually doing with your archive? Are you keeping it in the basement? Or the loft? Or, even worse, have you left it lying around in your shed? None of those locations are a good idea because the ambient temperature and humidity lead to mould formation and the associated musty smell. What’s more, rats and mice may chew up your documents. You should keep an archive in the correct way because you may need certain documents in the future. You wouldn’t be the first person to have to answer extra questions from the tax authorities years after the event and to have to delve into your archives to do so. Organising your archive properly so that everything’s easy to find is one thing. But keeping your documents so that they don’t become damaged and useless is equally important. Box@Home has the perfect solution for keeping your archive safe.

A solution for both individuals and businesses

It’s not just businesses that have archives: individuals also have papers that they absolutely must keep. Diplomas, rental contracts, pay slips, guarantee certificates, medical documents, notarial deeds ... You end up with so much paper that the stack seems to tower over you. How on earth are you supposed to manage? What’s the best way to store an archive? Box@Home will be happy to keep your papers for you, in one of our practical Boxes of various volumes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a private individual or a business. At Box@Home you only pay for the space that the Box occupies. Not for the entire stacking space in our storage warehouse, as is the case with some of our competitors.

What’s the best way to store an archive? In our Documents Box

Why is our Documents Box ideal for an archive? Because it’s just 60 cm long, 40 cm wide and 34 cm high. In most cases, however, this Box is easily large enough to keep an extensive paper archive in. What if it’s not enough? Then there is the Small Box, with a volume of 1 cubic metre. Even a relatively large archive will fit in that Box.

Entrusting your archive to Box@Home: is it a good idea?

You can count on it. All our Boxes – small and large – are durable, sturdy and specially made to give your documents optimal protection. We’re well aware that not all documents in an archive are fit for prying eyes. Our Boxes are therefore sealable. Only the rightful owner or his or her representative has access to his or her Boxes in our storage facilities. Our warehouses are also thoroughly secured with camera surveillance, intrusion protection and access control. The space is also climate-controlled and moisture- resistant, with pest control, smoke detection, fire protection and 24/7 monitoring. Your archive will do better there than with you at home or on your business premises.

Practical and flexible

What’s the best way to store an archive? In Box@Home’s warehouses. Because first and foremost, Box@Home offers you flexibility. Here’s a brief recap of our way of working. You order a Box. We come to you, at home or at the office. You fill the Box and seal it together with our employee. We then bring the Box to our warehouse in order to keep it there. The whole process is 100% secure.