A couple put the lid on their Small Box which is full of cardboard boxes.

‘I’ll do it when I’ve got time.’ It’s a handy phrase for putting off not-so-urgent chores you don’t feel like doing, such as tidying up the loft, the basement or the shed, right?

Have you ever used that phrase in the past? If so, the chances are that your partner has recently reminded you about it. Because during the lockdown, the rat race ground to a halt and you suddenly had more time.

The result: everything’s now been tidied up … but you’re left with a lot of things you’d like to keep. The problem is, you’ve got no space left for them. The solution: renting storage space from Box@Home!

Behind Box and key

Actually, the term ‘renting storage space’ isn’t strictly accurate. Because what you rent from us is a Box to store your stuff in. A Box that we store for you in our secure and climate-controlled storage space, but that’s always readily available.

A very simple system

At Box@Home we like to keep things simple and clear. Renting a Box from us is very easy. You use our calculator to work out the capacity and the number of Boxes you need, you place your order and we deliver your Box(es) to your door. You can even buy your packaging material from us. Once you’ve filled your Box(es), we’ll come and pick them and bring them to our storage space. Do you have a place at home to keep your things, but no Box to store them in? Then rent a Box to Stay.

Secure storage

We have storage boxes of different sizes and for different applications. Whether you’re looking for a place to store small and large appliances, furniture or decorative items, or the ideal external storage solution for your clothes, book collection or backups, we have the perfect, one hundred percent safe solution.

The complete partner for all your storage challenges

We all accumulate a lot of stuff in life. Things we don’t need at every stage of life or at every time of the year, but that we definitely don’t want to throw away. At Box@Home, we understand this entirely. Which is why we are the complete partner for all your storage challenges. You can contact us to rent a Box (in other words, a super handy storage space) if you:

Would you like to know more about our solutions? Or do you want to rent a Box/storage space? Then go ahead and contact us!