A Small Box full of baby items

Has your child outgrown his or her baby things? Would you like to keep all those lovely items that you chose with such care, so they can be used for a little brother or sister one day, or for the grandchildren later on? Box@Home has the ideal solution for you: a high-quality and spacious storage box for baby gear.

Storing baby gear = a challenge

You need a lot of stuff for a baby. There’s the nappy changing table, the bed, the cradle, the pram, the highchair and the nappy bin. Not to mention bottles, clothes, cuddly toys and other playthings. Together, these baby items take up quite a lot of space. And that creates a challenge when you no longer need those things for the time being.

Should you keep them for the next baby or the next generation?

Now that your baby has left babyhood behind, do you have the ideal happy family? In that case you can sell your baby gear at second-hand markets or on the Internet. But what if you would like to add to your family – or save your baby things for your grandchildren? You need to find a solution for storing those expensive baby items that’s both long-term and secure.

Loft or basement: not ideal storage places

Simply leaving your baby equipment where it is won’t work, because it takes up so much space. In addition, a loft or basement is usually unsuitable because it is too dusty or damp and there is a chance that vermin will eat up your things there. Baby items that you store unprotected in a loft or basement can end up damaged after just a few months.

Go for a secure, high-quality solution

If you opt for a Box@Home storage box, you don’t have to worry about any of this, because a storage box is your guarantee of secure, convenient and high-quality storage for your baby items. And of more space in your home too.

  • On our website, you can reserve the Box that you want. Depending on your needs, choose a Box with a storage capacity of 1 to 24 cubic metres.
  • We will deliver your storage box to your door at the agreed time.

Secure, climate-controlled storage

Once you’ve filled your storage box with baby items and let us know that you’re ready, we’ll come and pick it up again. If you wish, we can also provide you with packaging material you can use to pack your items securely. We will bring your Box to our climate-controlled, secured warehouse, where your baby equipment will be stored in ideal conditions.

Do you need something from your Box? Simply drop in to collect it, or ask us to deliver your Box to your home.

For less than 10 euros per month all-in

Would you like to know more about our storage boxes for baby gear? Or have you already decided to store your baby things in a simple, secure, space-saving way? Then go ahead and contact us!

Box@Home is also your partner for the storage of garden, study and hobby-related equipment, as well as high-quality temporary storage for your belongings if you are doing some home improvements, moving house, going abroad for some time or faced with an emergency situation.