A woman carries a cardboard box full of Christmas decorations

Ah, Christmas! The season when jingle bells are to be heard, lights adorn front gardens, living rooms and streets, and people exchange heart-felt greetings ...

Does the cosy Christmas atmosphere put you in the mood to buy new things to decorate your home? Even if your old baubles, streamers, lights, figurines and tinsel are in perfectly good shape? No problem – just combine the old and new things to create an even more Christmassy feeling!

Christmas gear in the storage box

Have you wished everyone all the best for the new year, and have the three kings come and gone? Then it’s time to take down your Christmas tree and store your Christmas gear for next year. And that’s not always easy. Because storing your Christmas materials requires space. The solution: a storage box from Box@Home. With it, you can store your Christmas things securely and easily.

Storage has never been easier

If you opt for a Box@Home storage box for your Christmas material, you can store and reuse your things in five easy steps.

Step 1 | choose your storage box

On our website, you will find a handy overview of the storage boxes you can rent from us. Choose the Box with the storage capacity (up to 24 cubic metres) you need and we’ll deliver it to your door. No idea which Box you need? No problem: we’ll work it out for you.

Step 2 | reserve your storage box

Once you’ve found the ideal storage box, reserve it in a few clicks – and with no upfront payment – via our online reservation system.

Step 3 | fill your storage box

Once we’ve received your reservation, we’ll contact you to come and deliver your Box. Fill your Box, give us a call and we’ll come and pick it up and bring it to our secure, climate-controlled storage space.

Step 4 | request your stuff again

Is your aunt coming over? Do your friends want to go inline skating? Or do you want to prove to your friends that you were a maths prodigy? Just let us know. We’ll deliver your storage box back to your home or you can come to us to get hold of the things you need quickly.

Step 5 | request your Christmas material

Christmas coming round again? We’ll deliver your storage box of Christmas things to your home when you want it. So that you can create a mood of Christmas cheer in your home again in no time.

Would you like to know more about your options for renting storage space from us? Then go ahead and contact us!

Box@Home is also your partner for the storage of garden, study and hobby-related equipment, as well as high-quality temporary storage for your belongings if you are doing some home improvements, moving house, going abroad for some time or faced with an emergency situation.