Two colleagues load the contents of their office into a Large Box from Box@Home

You’re planning to move your office to a new location. You’re therefore expecting a fairly stressful period, because there are a lot of things in an office that have to be moved: not just the heavy items of furniture, but also the cabinets and everything that’s in them. And that can be quite a lot – certainly too much to move in an orderly fashion in a single day, as that would merely cause stress. With the Box@Home solution, your stress level immediately plunges. How do you organise your office relocation?

How do you organise your office relocation?

Moving the heavy furniture and cabinets isn’t a particular problem: the burly blokes from the removal company you have contacted will take care of that. All you have to do is make sure that all the cabinets are empty so that the removal men can get to work smoothly. Here’s a tip on how to do this in the least stressful way possible: in the weeks before the move, empty out the cabinets and desks. During that period, working systematically and at your own pace, put everything you don’t immediately need into one or more Boxes from Box@Home. After you’ve filled them, they will be taken to the nearest Box@Home warehouse and kept there. One hundred percent securely and in the right climate conditions.

And after the move?

Once all the heavy furniture is in your new office, you can arrange for all the smaller items that you’ve entrusted to Box@Home to come back and fill the cabinets in your new office. On the day of the move itself, you won’t feel the slightest bit of stress. It will be like a typical weekday, calm and peaceful. Once you’ve moved, you can bring back all your things and fill the cabinets in your office at your own pace. Positive for your stress levels and for your ticker. Because what Box@Home offers you is one hundred percent peace of mind. What do you think? Have we answered your question ‘How do you organise your office relocation?’ properly? Is our option worth considering? If so, contact us. In the mean time, you can find more information here about how Box@Home works.