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Why do people store their things with Box@Home? What prompts them? Experience has shown that our customers mainly cite the following reasons for temporarily storing their belongings with Box@Home.

Top 5 reasons - Why do people store their things with Box@Home?

1. Newly blended families

We are often visited by newly blended families. Each ‘half’ had a house and they have now decided to live together in one house. That means that they have pretty much everything twice: two TVs, two washing machines, two living rooms, two dining rooms ... Naturally they don’t want to throw everything away – that would be a shame. Not just financially, but emotionally too. After all, we’re all attached to our stuff, aren’t we? Storing your things with Box@Home is the answer.

2. Spare room becomes baby’s room

The spare room where you kept all your clutter has to become the baby’s room. After all, the baby has to sleep somewhere, and giving it its own room is still the favoured approach. Which means that the clutter needs to be cleared out. Some things are easy to throw away, but among all that clutter there will be the odd treasure – perhaps even several. You’re not throwing those away, are you? Again, the solution is obvious. Keep them at Box@Home – like creating a spare room outside the house.

3. Divorce

Sometimes there are less happy reasons why someone is looking for extra storage for their things. Divorce is one of them. After a divorce you often downsize, exchanging a house for an apartment, for example. And then you find yourself with a surplus of furniture and odds and ends that you really don’t want to get rid of. You want to keep them for when you start living more expansively again – because that time will come! Temporary storage for your belongings is ideal in this scenario. Box@Home is happy to offer you that possibility.

4. Moving into sheltered housing

Getting older is part of life. At a certain point you notice that you need help to get up the stairs, and that living on the ground floor is nice and easy. But you have less space in sheltered housing, and that means you have too much stuff. Your children may want to take certain pieces of furniture, but not immediately… Again, temporary storage of your things at Box@Home is ideal.

5. Home improvements

You are giving your house a thorough makeover, painting, wallpapering, doing repairs, laying laminate flooring in the living room. You’re sure it will look great one day, but you’re going to have to suffer a little first. Unfortunately, home improvements can drag on for quite some time. Of course you can always protect your belongings with dust sheets, but that’s not ideal. It’s better to find somewhere safe and clean where you can temporarily store them. An additional advantage is that you will then have more space to do the work in your home. Here too, Box@Home comes to the rescue.

The five reasons listed above are the most common answers to the question ‘Why are you storing your things with Box@Home?’ Can Box@Home give you too a temporary helping hand? Click here for more information. You will find frequently asked questions here, but you can always ask extra questions.