Box to Stay XL – 16m³ - non-insulated

Planning a home improvement project? Give your cupboards, sofas, tables and chairs a safe haven in our XL Box. Your furniture will thank you.

If the items you want to store are resistant to moisture, your Box can stay with you for as long as you wish. If your belongings need to be protected from condensation and vermin, we will store your container in one of our climate-controlled warehouses without additional charge. This way you can be sure that the goods are stored under ideal conditions. Easily calculate the cost of transport here.

If you are looking for a container that can stay with you and that protects your belongings against moisture, we recommend choosing one of our insulated containers. Because temperature fluctuations always cause condensation in a non-insulated storage unit outside, and in exceptional weather conditions this can take on major proportions.

Does this Box seem like the ideal solution for you? Use our handy price simulator to work out your price without any commitment. Do you have any questions? Our employees will be happy to give you personal advice.

from € 169.74 per month incl. VAT

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