A young couple stand in front of their house and look with satisfaction at the storage box they have just loaded

Homes are becoming more and more expensive, if the headlines and experts are to be believed. Living on a larger scale will grow more and more costly and perhaps become unaffordable, especially for young people. Many people are therefore opting to downsize. However, we all tend to accumulate a lot of things in the course of life. What do you do with it all if you don’t have much space? How do you optimise the space in a small home? You’ll find a number of basic tips below. And if they don’t work, there’s always Box@Home.

How do you optimise the space in a small home?

  1. Optimise the natural light. Install an extra window or skylight and avoid large blinds or curtains that obstruct the light.
  2. Go for neutral tones that reflect natural light and make any room look bigger.
  3. Use no more than three colours, possibly together with an accent colour to add depth.
  4. Use mirrors to make the room look twice as big.
  5. Use furniture that is practical, suitable, small and compact. But definitely make sure you have enough storage space.

Most importantly, Tip 6: opt for smart storage space

Opt for inconspicuous, built-in cupboards and a raised bed on a platform, so that you have extra storage space under the bed. Put storage units over your door or just below the ceiling. Divide the space into intimate, cosy corners with an open unit that you can then use as storage space. Install your workplace under the stairs and put a kitchen island in the middle of the room that becomes a kitchen, table, work surface and bar all in one. As you can see, there are plenty of options. Are you still unable to create enough storage space? Then let Box@Home help you.

Get help from Box@Home to optimise the space in a small home

Box@Home creates an extra room for you away from your home. And even brings it to you. You put your superfluous stuff in a Box that Box@Home delivers to you. That Box is then stored in one of the three Box@Home warehouses. Safe, flexible and proof against time. You can take your things back once you have room for them – pick them up yourself or phone Box@Home, which will then deliver the Box to your home. Do you know what is actually the most honest answer to the question ‘How do you optimise the space in a small home?’ Just don’t buy too many things. And if you do have too many things, store them with Box@Home, the ideal partner for temporary storage when space is limited.