An empty living room in the process of being renovated

You’re starting some home improvements. Good luck! We hope you survive, because there’s a lot involved in home improvements. Especially in terms of time, stress, dust, dirt and grime. However, a project of this kind doesn’t always have to be a horror story. It’s best to prepare properly before you start. Which means working through the ultimate checklist for home improvements. So what’s on the checklist? How do you prepare for a home improvement project? In the following text, we will tell you the best way to do this in order to minimise the stress.

How do you prepare for a home improvement project?

You’re about to embark on a home improvement project. Let’s say that you’re going to completely strip down and replaster your living room walls, paint and wallpaper, lay laminate flooring, and insulate the windows... a serious operation, in other words. What do you do with your stuff in the living room? To be able to work properly, it’s best to clear it out. You can put everything in a stack in the living room or another room and protect it with a dust sheet. But that’s not ideal, as it will still be in the way during the work. And after the work is done, you’ll have to start cleaning everything again, because dust is anathema to a clean household.

So what should you do with all your stuff?

If you’re doing home improvements, you’d do better to clear it all out. To literally put everything you don’t frequently use out through the door. Keep the things you do use regularly close at hand; but grandma’s rocking chair in the corner of the living room – can't you do without that for a while? There are different ways to go with your things. You can put them in the attic, in the garage, in the garden shed. But if you think about it for a moment, you realise that these storage places are far from ideal. Just think of the humidity, the cold, the pests...

Box@Home, your knight in shining armour.

How do you prepare for a home improvement project? Remember Box@Home, because it can come to the rescue during a home improvement project. Simple, flexible, safe and affordable. How does it work? Anything that will collect dust and dirt and that you have no immediate need for can be put into a Box from Box@Home. You decide on the volume of the Box yourself: We’ve got everything from small to large. You can easily work out the volume you need using the calculator available on our website. Fill the Boxes with things that you won’t need while the work is going on in your home. The Boxes will be taken to the Box@Home warehouse and remain there, safe and clean, for the duration of the work. This will make the work a lot easier, because there won’t be any things in the way. Afterwards you will have a lot less cleaning to do, because Box@Home’s warehouses are impeccable in terms of hygiene, so that everything that is kept there stays clean. As it should.