A woman thinking about a Box from Box@Home

You can make space to store your belongings in various ways:

  • You can keep piling it up and fill your garden shed to the rafters.
  • You can park your car on the road and turn your garage into your personal warehouse.
  • You can stuff your loft so full that you need a safety helmet when you open the hatch.
Or… you can think out of the Box and rent external storage space!

Think … of a Box

Actually, ‘think out of the Box’ is the wrong way to put it when it comes to renting storage space. ‘Think of a Box’ is more accurate. Because with Box@Home you rent sturdy Boxes of different sizes to keep your belongings secure, yet easily accessible.

How does it work? Dead simple! You let us know which Box you need and we deliver it to your door. With our calculator you can easily work out which Box is ideal for your situation.

Filled your Box? Then we’ll come and collect it. We’ll take it to one of our secure storage facilities. If you need something from your Box, drop in or give us a call, and we’ll bring your Box back to you.

For every application

We all accumulate a lot of stuff in life. And there are things that we only need at certain times. What’s more, situations can arise in life that create a sudden need for temporary storage space. Flexibility is therefore one of the pillars of Box@Home. We have a solution for every storage challenge.

  • Home improvements

    Giving your home a makeover is so much easier without lots of stuff in the way. Choose temporary, secure storage for your furniture and belongings with Boxes from Box@Home.
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  • Moving house

    No two houses are the same. Which means that your furniture may not all find a place in your new home. With Box@Home, you can give the furniture you want to keep a new home. So that you can bring it into your home later on if the space becomes available.
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  • Storage in emergency situations

    A fire. A burst water pipe. A fallen tree. There are many unforeseen circumstances that can leave you needing temporary storage space for your belongings. Box@Home can also help in emergency situations of this kind.
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  • Storing hobby-related equipment

    Box@Home is also the solution for the storage of your seasonal hobby gear. In our Boxes, it will be secure yet readily available.
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  • Studying

    Your son or daughter has accumulated a lot of stuff in his or her student accommodation, and you don’t know where you’re going to find the space for it all now that your student has graduated and is coming home again. With Box@Home, you can be sure of the space, and you don’t have to throw away things that might be useful later on.
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  • Exploring the world

    Spreading your wings and venturing out into the big, wide world? We’ll be happy to provide safe storage for your belongings while you go on your travels.
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  • Storing garden equipment

    You only use large garden items such as your garden furniture, patio heater or parasol in the spring and summer. For the rest of the year they just get in the way. Unless you opt for storage with Box@Home, of course!
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  • Creating more living space

    You don’t want to give everything you own a place in your interior all the time. But you don’t want to get rid of it either. Storing those things somewhere in the house is an option, but then you lose living space. Box@Home provides a space-saving storage solution.
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Would you like to know more about our solutions? Or do you want to rent a Box/storage space? Then go ahead and contact us!