A couple who are going to renovate their living room put their belongings into removal boxes from Box@Home

You’ve been saving money and looking forward to it for a long time, and now the moment has finally come. You’re going to give your living spaces a thorough makeover, restyle your kitchen or knock down some walls. In short, you’re planning a thorough renovation of your home, and you’re completely ready for it. The only thing is … what do you do with your furniture?

A flexible solution to a practical problem

When you’re going to be doing home improvements, you’re preoccupied with quotations, budgets, choices of materials, aesthetics and planning. It’s often only when those hurdles have been cleared that the practical problem of furniture storage while the work is going on occurs to you. The good news? Box@Home has a flexible and simple solution.

Avoiding extra stress

Home improvement projects are always stressful. Your children are running around in the house or need to be taken to school, the housework hasn’t magically disappeared, you may still be doing the day job, your house is a mess, and the workmen are making dust and noise. Constantly shifting your furniture around because it’s in the way or you’re afraid it will be damaged is extra stressful.

Secure storage

The good news? You can save yourself that extra stress if you opt for the flexible storage solutions offered by Box@Home.

  • With our online calculator, work out the storage space you need for your furniture during your project.
  • Order your Boxes.
  • We deliver your Boxes to your doorstep.
  • Boxes filled? Then we take them to our secure and air-conditioned storage facility, where your furniture remains until your project is completed.

    Extending or cancelling the rental agreement

    You know when your home improvement project is starting, but you often can’t be sure exactly when it will be finished. That’s no problem for us. Has your project been completed sooner than expected? Then we’ll terminate the rental agreement. Is it all taking a little longer than you thought? Then we’ll extend the agreement. In other words, you don’t need to worry about your rental period!

    For all your storage challenges

    Box@Home isn’t just there for you during home improvement projects. We are also your partner if you’re looking for a flexible solution for storing your gardening gear, study materials or hobby-related equipment, or need temporary external storage for your belongings if you are moving house, going abroad for some time or faced with an emergency situation.

    Would you like to know more about our solutions? Or do you want to rent a Box/storage space? Then go ahead and contact us!