Easy Backup

We of course recognise the importance of safe storage for your digital data. With Easy Backup, we arrange this with the utmost care. One of our employees will come to your premises to pick up your USB or external hard drive. Under your supervision, we will place it in a safe air cushion cover and then in a sealed transport case. This case is shock-absorbent, airtight and waterproof. In our warehouse, your backup will go into our e-bunker.

In our e-bunker your data is secured and protected to the highest degree against:
  • Hackers seeking to misuse your data or ransomware attacks.
  • Fire or theft.
  • Unintentional damage.
  • Damage from electrostatic and magnetic fields, for example from lightning strikes, solar storms or modern warfare (e-bombs).

from € 5.25 per month incl. VAT

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Other types of special storage

from € 5.89
per month

Documents Box

from € 29.40
per month

Small Backup

from € 67.63
per month

Medium Backup

from € 135.25
per month

Large Backup