Large Backup

Your backup tapes, hard drives and CD-Roms are kept in sealable cases. Each case has a unique barcode, so you can be sure that all your data will remain undamaged. The case is shock-absorbent, airtight and waterproof. In our warehouse, your backup will go into our e-bunker.

Capacity: 24 DLT tapes or 55 CD-Roms

In our e-bunker your data is secured and protected to the highest degree against:
  • Hackers seeking to misuse your data or ransomware attacks.
  • Fire or theft.
  • Unintentional damage.
  • Damage from electrostatic and magnetic fields, for example from lightning strikes, solar storms or modern warfare (e-bombs).

from € 135.25 per month incl. VAT

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40.00 cm
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9.50 cm

Other types of special storage

from € 5.89
per month

Documents Box

from € 5.25
per month

Easy Backup

from € 29.40
per month

Small Backup

from € 67.63
per month

Medium Backup