A student sits on a stack of removal boxes and orders her storage space online from Box@Home

Books and study materials too

Studying means books, course materials and gigabytes of files. There is every chance that your son or daughter has become very attached to these study materials, or will want to maintain his or her knowledge on a regular basis by going through them in connection with work and in the name of lifelong learning. Which means that the study materials need to be kept. No space in your loft or basement? No problem. We can ensure safe storage and easy availability.

Simple and efficient

Making several trips by car to your son’s or daughter’s student accommodation, loading the car full of stuff, driving home and transferring everything into a Box is far too cumbersome. Simply order the Box you need on our website and we’ll deliver it to your son’s or daughter’s address. Once everything’s in the Box, let us know, and we’ll collect the Box and bring it to our secure storage space. Handy, right?

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