When will my Box be delivered?
The delivery will be by arrangement with you and at the latest during the day you have chosen on the website.
Can I choose the time when my Box will be delivered?
If you want a specific time, you will need to discuss this with Box@Home. Our transport charges are based on the most efficient delivery schedule.
What if it’s not possible to put a Medium or Large Box in front of my door (because I have no driveway, I live upstairs in an apartment building, or my front door opens directly onto the street, for example)?
In consultation with our employees, the Box can be delivered on a trailer with a number plate. The trailer can then be put in a parking space. This does not apply to our XL and XXL Boxes.
If you live on a street where the parking spaces are paying, or in a blue zone, you are responsible for the necessary parking tickets or for displaying and updating the disc. Any costs (fines) must be paid by you.
Some cities or municipalities also allow containers to be placed on the street. You must request permission for this from your city or municipality in advance. The city/municipal officials will let you know what the rules are and whether your request has been approved.
Must I be present when the Box is delivered?
Yes, we ask you to be present during both delivery and collection. This ensures that the Boxes are placed in the desired location and enables us to give you information and tips. The necessary procedures, such as checking how the items have been stacked, can be completed at the time of collection, and the Box can be closed and sealed in your presence.
How much weight is allowed in the Box?
Our Boxes have a maximum carrying capacity of:
Small Box: 400kg
Medium and Large Boxes: 750kg
XL and XXL Boxes: 1000 kg
Can I get help from an employee with loading?
You can ask for an employee’s help in loading and unloading your Box. Note: all items must be ready on the ground floor. Our employees are not trained removal workers and are therefore only allowed to help with the actual loading. This service is only possible if the Box can be taken back immediately. We allow up to 30 minutes per Box for loading a Medium or Large Box. You will be charged €14.70 (incl. VAT) per Box (30 minutes per Box) for loading and unloading. If this standard time is exceeded, extra time will be charged for at a rate of €23.97 (incl. VAT) for each completed or started half hour period. Any waiting time will be charged for at the same rate.
Can I bring my goods for storage to Box@Home myself?
Absolutely. You can choose whichever Box@Home location you prefer. This applies not just to the start of the agreement, but also if you want to pick up or place goods in storage later on.
I’ve ordered too many Boxes: while I was loading them it turned out that I don’t need them all. What happens to the empty Box(es)? Will I have to pay for them?
No, we will refund you (if you’ve already paid) or credit you (if you haven’t yet paid the invoice) for the storage and transportation of the empty Box(es).
If you have ordered an XL or XXL Box in combination with one or more Medium or Large Boxes and you haven’t needed to fill all the Boxes, the smallest Boxes will be taken back free of charge.
1 XL Box and 2 Medium or Large Boxes: Medium or Large Box will be taken back free of charge.
2 XL Boxes: 1 XL Box will be taken back free of charge.
1 XXL Box and 1 Medium or Large Box: Medium or Large Box will be taken back free of charge.
I’ve placed an order for Box(es) and/or materials which have now been delivered. However, there’s a problem with them, or I have changed my mind. Can I return the articles?
Yes, you can return the Box(es) empty to our employee at the time of collection. You will not have to pay a rental charge for the Box(es). You can also return the materials, provided they are unused and in the same condition as when they were delivered. You will then receive a refund for the returned materials. However, you will be charged the costs incurred for delivering and collecting the Box(es) and/or materials. Any cancellation must be communicated in writing (by email).
How soon can I get my belongings back if I need them urgently?
You can do this on the next working day, including Saturday morning.